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Prime Lash Mascara Reviews | The Ultimate Eye-Enhancing Tool? - blessedmesss
Prime Lash Mascara Reviews

Prime Lash Mascara Reviews | The Ultimate Eye-Enhancing Tool?

For some women, going out without mascara is impossible because it’s crucial for improving the look of their lashes and overall appearance. With all the different mascaras available, choosing one can be a challenge.

Like other makeup products, Mascara has universal appeal since it enhances the beauty of the eyes and alters our facial appearance. You’ve landed in the right spot if you’re searching for trustworthy Prime Lash Mascara Reviews.

Even though the brand claims it won’t interfere with eyelash growth, it’s worth checking out if it adds anything new to the table and is worth a shot.

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Prime Lash Mascara Review

Regarding Prime Lash, the brand manufactures cosmetic products for people over 50 years old. It has created its own identity other than products which are already exciting for people of older age groups. As a cruelty-free and vegan brand, it helps it stand out and makes it a better choice.

Prime Lash Mascara Reviews

Prime Lash Mascara Review

The Prime Lash Mascara claims to lengthen and densify your lashes. This product is recommended for women over the age of 50 because they have thin and shorter lashes, and this product makes them look thicker and bolder. In other words, it says to give your older face a younger and prettier appearance than before.

Prime Lash Mascara is a volumizing and lengthening mascara that is specifically designed for older women with thinning lashes. The water-based formula is hypoallergenic and gentle on the delicate skin around your eyes. It dries quickly and won’t clump or stick to your lashes. The medium-sized silicone brush head is slightly tapered so you can easily reach all of your lashes. Prime Lash Mascara is 100% cruelty-free and never tested on animals.


The ingredient list is a vital part of determining the quality of the product and whether the brand’s claims are true. Now, the list of ingredients can help us conclude that once we use it, it will not harm our lashes in any way.

Cetyl Alcohol: As an emulsifier, cetyl alcohol works in Mascara to keep the oil and water together. As such, it keeps the base from separating and binds them together due to its use in Mascara.

This ingredient is essential for binding the mascara formula together and keeping it from separating. Due to this property, it is used in making Mascara and in lotions, skin creams, moisturizers, shampoos, etc.

Prime Lash Mascara Review

Squalene: Since it is a toxin-free natural ingredient, it is one of the best ingredients to make this formula. In addition to thickening the thin eyelashes, it is responsible for increasing their length, which makes them thicker than before.

This is one of the main reasons it is used in the formulation. It conditions the lashes and helps moisturize them, increasing their growth and giving your eyes a prettier look than before.

Glyceryl stearate: Glyceryl stearate is a type of fatty acid that is naturally derived. When glycerin and stearic acid are combined, they produce glyceryl stearate as a result.

It is a natural lubricant that helps us keep our skin soft and smooth. It also acts as a barrier that helps us save moisture in our skin. It is also responsible for providing the skin with the proper hydration, giving it a completely gentle and smooth look.

Iron oxide: The formula uses various iron oxides to achieve the right level of darkness. As a result, it is also one of the key ingredients used in making Mascara. Without it, you cannot guarantee the blackness of your Mascara, and without blackness, Mascara is useless.

Directions To Use

1. Clean your lashes: Before applying any cosmetic product on your face or skin, the initial step should be cleaning. Clean your face with a good cleanser and water. Clean the lashes to remove all types of gunk from them.

2. Curl the lashes: If you want your eyes to look more beautiful and glossy, curl your lashes with a good curler before applying Mascara directly. Hold the curler while looking straight at the base of your eyelashes. If you do not feel uncomfortable using the curler, you can use your fingers to do this process.

Prime Lash Mascara Review

3. Powder up your lashes: You may find it out, but this might be one of the best tips or hacks you can try before applying a layer of Mascara on your lashes. Dip a clean tip of your mascara spoolie in baby powder. Apply this layer to your lashes.

4. Apply Mascara now: You should remove any excess mascara from the spoolie, then apply it to your lashes, starting in the middle and slowly moving towards the edges. You must apply it from the base to the tip of the lashes for a complete look.

5. Apply another coat of Mascara: For better results, you can apply one more coat of the Mascara, and double coating will help your lashes to look thicker and darker. It makes the appearance of lashes bold and beautiful.


Prime Lash Mascara Review

 Prime Lash Mascara has its advantages and disadvantages. To judge whether the product is the right fit for you, you must know the pros and cons. After going through it, you will get a clear perspective on the product.


  • Since the eyes are very sensitive, it is imperative to use a product that contains no toxins. Therefore, this mascara is made of natural ingredients and is completely safe to use.
  • You don’t have to worry about smudging or smudging if your eyes get wet due to any reason after applying the Mascara. It is waterproof, so you are good to go all day.
  • With the Mascara, your eyes will look beautiful, which will make your face look more attractive as a whole.
  • If you do not like the results, there is a money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • The Mascara is especially useful for older women. Their lashes are thin as they age, and they lose those thick long lashes. It transforms their short lashes into thick and dense ones.
  • As a cruelty-free product, it is never tested on animals before it is released.


  • It is only available in black and does not have any colour variation.

Customer Reviews | Prime Lash Mascara Reviews

When we reached out to the audience for their genuine review of the product, we found many people positively rated it. The number of positive responses for the product was more than that of the negative ones. On a scale of 5, the average rating for the product was 4.0.

A user named “Carol” gave a 5-star rating and commented “, Prime Lash Mascara for Older Women, Black Primelash Mascara for Seniors worked perfectly as I applied it on my eyelashes. I was surprised at how many lashes I had that had never been covered with my Cover Girl and costly Mascara. Last all day, came off with baby oil, then a water rinse and pat dry. I only used it three times but all three times very pleased with the application. It will be interesting to see how long it will have that fresh application and not dry, especially where I don’t use it daily, only two or three times a week.”

A user named “Madalice” gave a 4-star rating and commented, “I like the applicator brush, and the video was good, too. Sometimes there’s too much on the brush, so I gently wipe the brush before swiping my lashes!”

FAQs | Prime Lash Mascara Reviews

What is the best way to remove prime lash, Mascara?

The cotton pad should be soaked in coconut oil or eye makeup remover, held over closed eyes for five to ten minutes, and then wiped around the eye area with the cotton pad.

Prime lash mascara: what is it?

You can use this natural product to make your eyelashes look bolder and more beautiful. It is an excellent choice for any woman, especially older women.

Is there a better alternative to Mascara?

Using vaseline instead of Mascara will make your eyelashes look thicker and more voluminous. Apply it on the top and bottom layers of your eyelashes similarly.

What is the recommended replacement period for Mascara?

You should change your Mascara if you use it daily every three to six months to avoid any side effects.

Conclusion | Prime Lash Mascara Reviews

In conclusion, Prime Lash Mascara is a great option for anyone looking to enhance the look of their eyes. With its intensifying combination of beneficial ingredients, long-lasting wear and easy removal formula, this designer mascara offers everything needed in an eye-enhancing tool.

It’s also worth noting that Prime Lash have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers who have tried it themselves – making it even more appealing for those on the lookout for the perfect product!

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