vibely mascara reviews

Vibely Mascara Reviews | Is It A Good Deal?

Are you on the hunt for a mascara that will enhance your eyes beautifully? You’ll find various brands with unique brush styles, offering different looks. They all promise voluminous, longer lashes and intense color. One option is Vibely Mascara by Lash Cosmetics which has lasting waterproof effects. 

Vibely Mascara Reviews

The Vibely Mascara is designed to increase lash length and thickness and includes two brushes for optimal application. If you’re uncertain about its effectiveness, we’ve got you covered with these Vibely Mascara Reviews. Any woman who values her beauty knows that proper technique is just as crucial as selecting the right product.

But is the mascara only good on paper or does it live up to its hype?

Lash Cosmetics | About The Brand

Headquartered in New York, Lash Cosmetics is a cruelty-free company. As per the company website, they make vegan-based beauty products. VibelyLash cosmetics offers a wide range of customizable products and is focused on providing organic products made with safe ingredients.

The Vibely mascara by the company is their star product and it promises to give you instant outcomes. Apart from this, there isn’t much information available regarding the company or the products it has on offer to add to this vibely mascara reviews. However, to their credit, with this mascara, they seem to have their finger in the pulse and have produced a stellar product.

VIBELY MASCARAS come with a beautiful wand design, which is easy to use and gives immediate results. They are environment friendly and work according to the needs of everyone.

1. Vibely 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara

Vibely 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara dual brush design curls your lashes into perfect arches. The mascara comes with two brushes, a smaller, softer brush and a bigger, heavier one. You can use the softer brush for everyday purposes and the heavier one on special occasions or if you want to layer the mascara for a heavier look. You could also use the smaller one for hard-to-reach lashes and use the heavier one for the normal portion of your eyelashes. This will ensure equally coated lashes that are beautiful.

The product comes in a creamy texture in a tube package and is suitable for everyone including contact lens wearers. It is completely water resistant and long-lasting. Additionally, the natural ingredients used in this product give your lashes a smooth finish by enriching your overall makeup look. It is non-flaky, doesn’t clump, and is easy to apply.

The Vibely 4D silk fiber mascara is smudge-proof and contains a quick drying formula. Come rain or sunshine, you don’t have to worry about your mascara running due to its water-resistant properties. According to this Vibely Mascara Reviews, the mascara nourishes and keeps your lashes moisturized. It is famous for creating dramatic curls by lengthening each eyelash evenly. It gives you denser, longer, curly lashes in no time and lasts all day long.

Just like its ease of application, it is also easy to remove, just use an eye make up remover and wipe the mascara away. No matter how good a product you use, knowing how to use it makes the difference, this includes application and removal. With its lengthening and thickening powers, it can give 5X longer lashes along with 4D silk fibers coating each eyelash for an alluring look.


Pure silk fibers and pure plant substances.

Application Process

  • Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler.
  • Use the first brush and start at the base of the lashes; brush from root to tip using a ‘zigzag’ motion.
  • Using the second brush, repeat, and brush gradually until you have achieved the desired effect.


  • Gives thick and natural lashes.
  • Waterproof.
  • Smudge-proof.
  • Flake free.
  • Tested product.
  • Ranks are good in the beauty and personal care category.
Vibely Mascara Reviews


  • The mascara can feel goey for some people
  • It looks clumpy and fake if used in excess.
  • This mascara might not be the best mascara for people with sensitive eyes.

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2. Alison Home Vibely Diamond Mascara

Vibely Mascara Reviews

This mascara comes with a waterproof formula and is in a classy-looking tube. It contains a thick wand with thin short bristles that helps apply and curl short and long lashes perfectly. The Alison home vibely mascara is apt for personal and professional and can match different makeup styles effortlessly. It is specially designed to make your eyes look larger and more excellent.

Alician Diamond Mascara, Waterproof Long Curling Extension Eyelashes, Long-Lasting, Thick Thickening, Smudge-proof and Lengthening Voluminous Eyelashes
  • 💗【Long-Lasting & Waterproof】Beautiful your eyes and last long. Easy to use, has the ability to design, easy to match different make-up style. You won't have to worry about your mascara smudging or streaking with this waterproof and all day wear formula.
  • 💗【Easy To Color】This amazing silk fiber lash mascara coats each lash with maximum volume, length, and curl. To enhance the shape and color of your eyes by using mascara. Easy to color, waterproof, long lasting, your eyes will looks larger and nicer.
  • 💗【Effortless Application】The smooth and creamy mascara sweeps across all lashes without clumping, flaking, or drying out. With this mascara I've been asked if I have false lashes on. No need for falsies~ Perfect for both professional makeup use or beginners use.

This Mascara is easy to use, long-lasting and has an outstanding lengthening capability with a water-resistant formula. The formula is lab-tested and cruelty-free. You can remove it with oil or make up remover effortlessly after enjoying your ‘cinderella’ appearance.

How Is Fenty Beauty Foundation?


Water, beeswax, carnauba wax, 1,3 propanediol, styrene/acrylic acid copolymer sodium, etc.

  • Beeswax can help keep mascara smooth and intact. It also has moisturizing and calming properties, which help condition the lashes effectively. It can also help with hair growth and prevent breakage.
  • Carnauba Wax – Carnauba leaves, native to Brazil, are used to make this wax. It is used in mascaras as a natural thickener to ensure a smooth application. Carnauba wax does not clog pores so it is good for the skin around the eyes. It softens, lengthens, and volumizes the lashes.
  • 1,3 Propanediol acts as a preservative in cosmetics. It absorbs water from the Mascara by giving you quick-drying lashes.

Styrene/Acrylic Acid

This is a copolymer chain of polymers consisting of styrene and acrylate, adding color to Mascara.


  • Waterproof
  • Sweatproof
  • Tested product
  • Easy to remove
  • Smudge-proof
  • Stays longer


  • Causes eye irritation if used in excess.

Customer Reviews | Vibely Mascara Reviews

The product comes in a creamy texture in a tube package and is suitable for all skin types and contact lens wearers. It is completely water resistant. The price of the product is reasonable and affordable. It also comes with a guarantee period of 3 years.

K Ann commented, “Dual dispenser (one wand, 2 types of volume, ie, more or less product per application). Good lash coverage and waterproof. Makeup remover (oil) required for easier removal.
Found that using “step 2” adds too much mascara at one time (created “spider lashes”), so better results by repeating “step 1”.”

Vibely Mascara Reviews

ChristyR commented, “After reading some of the reviews I was second guessing my purchase but after a weeks use – I’m pleasantly surprised! It doesn’t make my lashes as long as advertised BUT it does give my lashes some added length. So far this mascara has been smudge proof and lasts all day without flaking off. I do use the top brush which doesn’t deposit as much on the lashes at one time so it does take a couple coats.
For the price happily recommend.”

Rita hubbard commented, “This is good mascara it does what it says and it makes your eye lashes fuller. It’s worth a try some may Like it some may not. But worth it’s money.”

FAQ’s | Vibely Mascara Reviews

Is Vibely mascara waterproof?

No touch-ups are needed with Vibely Mascara. Waterproof and long-lasting, confidently go through your day without smudges, flakes, or clumps with the creamy formula!

Are fiber mascaras safe?

Fiber mascaras infuse tiny fibers (silk, rayon, or nylon) that attach to the lash tips when applied. These tiny synthetic fibers work to extend, build, and plump up the lashes. Is fiber mascara safe? Yes, but be mindful that the lash fibers are prone to flaking and may invade the eye.

Is VIBELY mascara cruelty-free?

Upgrade your Mascara! The enhancing 4D Silk Fiber Mascara is 100% cruelty-free.

Who makes Vibely mascara?

Lah Cosmetics makes Vibely mascara.

What is 4D fiber mascara?

Unlike the standard ones that can never provide the precision and thickness your lashes deserve, these 4D mascaras, with their revolutionary formula, are infused with actual fibers to give you 4-dimensional coverage. These fibers attach to your lashes, making them appear bolder and more extended.

Closure | Vibely Mascara Reviews

The Vibely mascaras are natural, long-lasting, waterproof, and non-flaky. This means that there is no need for frequent touch-ups. Vibely mascara reviews give product descriptions and ingredients used in detail so that it is easy for you to make the decision of purchasing the product.

Both the mascaras are designed to perfectly to suit your needs. The only drawback of these products is the mascara form clumps if the tube is not closed properly after application. Other than that, Vibely Silk Fiber Lash Mascara and Alison Home Vibely Diamond Mascara are must-haves. These mascaras will help you get naturally black long and gorgeous curly lashes that last throughout the day.

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